Vancouver Christmas Market

We are an integral part and pillar at The Vancouver Christmas Market’s food scene attracting thousands of visitors to indulge in authentic European foods made according to traditional receipts created centuries to decades ago. Thomas and his good friend and business partner Eric invite you once again to enjoy these comforting, traditional Austrian dishes. Follow us on Facebook @dasgulaschhaus to find out about lunch specials and other special offers during the 2018 market season. Located in the Yellow Zone

Das Gulasch Haus

Comfort food at its best – enjoy a bowl of home. We serve this wholesome stew made with tenderly braised BC beef, potatoes, and the finest Hungarian paprika. We are also proud to serve a 100% Vegan Gulasch made with carrots, potatoes, and a delicious blend of Hungarian and smoky Spanish paprika. Enjoy it in a breadbowl!

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Das Waffel Haus

A traditional must have at any European Christmas fair, Das Waffel Haus is back at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Classic and newly reinvented toppings will be offered to accompany these delicious treats that are traditionally eaten in Europe for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner. We also offer traditional Viennese Coffee specialties.

Featured: Inside Vancouver

Featured: Inside Vancouver

By Inside Vancouver / 20/11/2019
Featured: Daily Hive

Featured: Daily Hive

By Daily Hive | Dished Vancouver / 15/11/2019

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